Case Resolution

Case Resolution

by | Nov 4, 2022

Resolving Returns and Conflicts Has Never Been Easier

Our Case Resolution Center is designed to deliver an ideal marketplace experience to sellers and buyers alike. With its simple yet robust features, the Resolution Center gives you everything you need to handle returns, refunds, and payment complaints all in one place.

Manage All Issues Through a Simple Process

The Case Resolution Center is a highly intuitive tool that’s designed for optimal communication. With its modern interface and secure mechanism, it lets sellers and buyers express their concerns and explore possible solutions in a timely manner.

Here’s How It Works for Buyers

  1. Buyer starts a request concerning item delay or item condition.
  2. You receive a notification regarding the request.
  3. You present possible resolutions such as return, exchange, or replacement.
  4. Buyer agrees on their desired resolution.
  5. The solution is delivered as committed.
  6. The request is closed.


Here’s How It Works for Sellers

  1. You may start a request to resolve non-payment after the due date has passed or to cancel a transaction altogether.
  2. Buyer receives a notification.
  3. Buyer responds to your concern.
  4. The issue is resolved as agreed.
  5. The case is closed.


It Lets You Involve Third-party Arbitration When Required

Whether a request is created by the buyer or the seller, either party has 72 hours or 3 days to respond. If a response isn’t made in time, the case can automatically resolve in the favor of the request creator or get escalated to Qoocle team for review.

This ensures that sellers don’t get restricted by non-payment transactions or unavailability of items. Whereas, it ensures that buyers don’t feel unfulfilled with their purchase at a lost or damaged item.

Our team can also get involved in cases where a buyer and seller are unable to reach an amicable resolution. After reviewing all related aspects of the case, Qoocle makes an informed decision that is fair to both parties.


Qoocle Takes All Factors into Account

Apart from instant messaging, the Case Resolution Center gives you the trust that in case you are not able to agree with what a buyer wants, your transaction doesn’t hit a dead-end. You can always depend on Qoocle team to help you find an effective resolution to the case.

For instance, if a buyer wants a refund due to not receiving an item but you actually shipped it in time with tracking information, Qoocle ensures to take your concerns into account and protect you in such cases.

Similarly, if a buyer is known for creating several refund requests against multiple sellers, Qoocle team ensures to keep that in mind during such decisions.


Qoocle is Here to Answer Your Case Resolution Questions

Through its intuitive interface and purpose-built mechanism, the Case Resolution Center makes it easier for you to manage otherwise complicated scenarios. But if you have any further questions, our team is right here to help! Simply reach out to us, and we will be glad to assist you with any inquiries you may have.