Customer Service

Customer Service

by | Nov 4, 2022

Qoocle Store Guides You Through the Customer Service Process


Apart from providing you with a reliable marketplace, Qoocle store is here to help you make the most out of your selling operations. From providing you with powerful tools to helping you deliver an optimal experience to your customer, we are there for you every step of the way.


Excel at Making Your Customers Happy


In order to deliver an ideal customer experience through every sale, make sure to keep the following best practices in mind.


Put Transparency Front and Center

While uploading your listings, make sure to write clear and detailed product descriptions. Be transparent about the item’s condition, describe any possible damage, and explain your return policy.


By making sure that you aren’t leaving out any important details, you can find the perfect buyers, minimize the possibility of returns, and increase the chances for positive reviews.


Explain Shipping Times and Terms

Qoocle provides you with a shipping cost calculator to clearly outline these details to buyers. Along with this, you can also use relevant tools to calculate shipping times to specific locations.


You should also make it a point to explain any other shipping details that are specific to your item or service location. For instance, if the item requires special handling, make sure to describe it properly. This goes a long way towards managing buyer expectations.


Provide Relevant Tracking Information

Once the item is shipped, you should give your buyers the ability to know when exactly they are going to receive it. All you need to do here is to upload the tracking information, which the buyers can use to learn more about the shipping status.


This allows you to keep your buyers updated through critical steps in the shipping process, and lets you steer clear of return claims due to missed shipping.


Stay True to Your Return Policy

Qoocle offers various ways to set up your return policies with specific conditions, so you can handle refunds, exchanges, and replacements easily.


If your item is not up to the buyer’s expectation or if they simply want to return it out of buyer’s remorse, they can refer to your specific return policy. When a return claim is filed, make sure to adhere to your return policy and help the buyer accordingly. This establishes buyers’ trust in you and helps you deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Use the Tools at Hand

Qoocle has various tools in place for handling pre-sale inquiries, shipping processes, and after-sale services. From describing product listings to handling returns, you can benefit from designated solutions at every step of the marketplace experience.


By ensuring to use these platform features, you can make the selling process easier for yourself and the purchasing process more pleasant for buyers.


Got More Questions? Imutyis Here to Help


Qoocle experts are always here to help you find answers to your customer service questions. If you have any inquiries about the process or want tips on optimizing your experience, don’t hesitate to contact us