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You Have Maximum Control Over Your Returns


When you showcase your items on Qoocle, you are able to choose between different return policies. This provides you with ideal comfort as a seller and offers optimal transparency to buyers.


These policies include:


No Returns

This outlines that you will not entertain any returns or refunds. This policy remains in place if your item was shipped in the described condition and does not have additional faults.


Buyer-paid Returns

This clarifies that you accept returns, but the buyer has to pay for the shipping. You can choose between a 14-day and 30-day duration for the acceptance of such returns.


Free Returns

This shows that you not only accept returns, but also pay for shipping costs. You can select different durations for this policy, including 14-day, 30-day options.


You Can Customize Further Return Options


In case you want to simplify the returns and refunds process even further, you can benefit from customized features.


Automated Return Features

If you want to accept all return requests, no questions asked, you can set up automated return policies that apply on certain items.


Partial Refunds

You can propose partial refunds for certain items and conditions. This lets you settle return claims without doing away with your total sales amount.


Exchanges and Replacements

You don’t always have to issue refunds against returns. You can also entertain exchanges and replacements to provide buyers with a fair settlement that doesn’t involve returning their funds.


What Happens When a Buyer Requests a Return?


  1. You receive a notification about the request for return.
  2. You respond to the return request and offer a settlement.
  3. Buyer accepts the settlement. If it involves a return, they dispatch the item.
  4. You receive the item at your address.
  5. You issue a refund, provide a replacement, or carry out an exchange.


What are the Automated Return Features?


Whether you want more comfort in handling return requests or need more time to focus on your core operations, you can automate certain return processes.


This allows buyers to choose a relevant outcome and approves it automatically from your end. In all cases, you may also choose whether the buyer is able to keep the item that they originally purchased.


Refunds. You can automate refunds to entertain buyers through your no questions asked policies.


Replacements. You can provide buyers with the option to choose a replacement item to be sent to them instead of a refund. Once the buyer selects this option, you can ship the replacement product to them.


Exchanges. In case the buyer wants a different item, you can choose to accept this settlement option automatically. You can then ship the exchange item to the buyer.


Selecting automated responses helps you settle return claims without extensive manual intervention. It goes a long way towards streamlining your operations and making it easier for you to focus on new sales.


Qoocle is Always Here for You


With a commitment to make our sellers feel like an invaluable part of the Qoocle family, our team is always here to help. If you have any questions regarding returns or need more clarification on exchanges and replacements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.