Home Depot Is Selling an Iridescent Snowman Decoration, and Wow, It’s So Pretty

Driving around and looking at decorations and lights is one of my favorite holiday activities. I love searching for the best display (bonus points if you sync songs on a radio station with your lights!) and always comment on things I want to include in my decorations next time. I’m never one to pass up large lawn decorations, and I currently can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous Christmas Sparkle Angular Iridescent Snowman ($159) from Home Depot.
I mean, how beautiful is this snowman?! Standing at 60 inches tall and featuring 150 LED lights, the snowman is made to stand out and sparkle amid your holiday decorations. And what’s more, it’s made for both outdoor and indoor use, so you can display it anywhere you like. So, if you want your house’s decorations to be the talk of the town, keep reading to shop this truly unique snowman now.


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